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Programming is available in the existing facility but has been limited by the lack of space and overcrowding issues. Inmate attendance is sporadic due to ongoing need to transfer inmates to other counties. With the new facility, programming is centered around addiction, recovery, and life skills and will be offered to assist inmates in the preparation for release back into the community. The following services and programs will be provided/facilitated:

Current Programs and Services: 

  • Project Proven (assists with job resumes, job search, and GED testing. Currently based on certain criteria and limited spots due to lack of space)

  • Recreation/visitation 2x weekly for all inmates

  • Mental health services available to all inmates (1 provider)

  • Medical services available to all inmates

  • Law library available for all inmates

  • Religious services offered to all inmates streamed in groups (max classification has one-on-one sessions only; same content)

  • Tablets for all cell blocks available to all inmates unless they misuse (then they have access to mobile kiosk). Tablets are used to fill out grievances, Sgt. requests, medical/mental health requests, order canteen, phone time, snack packs, and self-referral forms.


New Programs and Services (with new facility):

  • Inmate vocational and substance abuse classes/programs

  • Re-entry services (assists with inmate re-entry to the community and connection to community resources)

  • Work release

  • Jail diversion (through D.A.'s office)

  • Pretrial release (through D.A.'s office)

  • Community services (through the courts)

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