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Option 1 is a new $75 million justice center. The proposed facility includes administrative offices, a podular housing design with 85 inmate beds, and a courts suite sized to accommodate two judges. This option will provide more efficient daily operations and significantly reduced transportation costs as court hearings will be held in the new facility and transporting inmates to other counties will be minimized. It will be located east of Black River Falls at West Bauer Road and feature a conservative design with safety, classification, and functionality as the core criteria.

Option 2 is a new $60 million law enforcement center which includes jail and sheriff's office with courts to follow in the future. This option minimizes transporting inmates to other counties but would continue to incur an estimated $300,000 per year in inmate court hearing transportation costs and be subject to cost of construction increases until new courts are constructed.

Proposed Option 1: Exterior Concept Plan

Proposed Jail: Podular Design

Podular Design Graphic.JPG
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