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Why should we build better housing for inmates?

This isn't about building better housing for inmates. This is about providing a safer work environment for our staff, protection for the public, and liability protection for Jackson County. Additionally, the County is responsible for the health and safety of jail inmates and must provide a safe and humane environment but it doesn't mean the jail should be overly comfortable. Inmate accommodations will be simple and meet state codes.


​Who spends the most time in the jail?

​It's the staff who manage the inmate population: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Why can’t the current jail be renovated?

The current jail is linear designed and needs to be corrected in order to make it efficient and meet the classification requirements. The constraints of the topography of the existing site isn't a workable solution. Additionally, due to the layout of the existing facility, renovation is not a feasible solution. It would be very costly to update the jail to meet state codes and classification requirements. Renovating would require a major interior overhaul of the facility including structural, heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems.

What will the new project cost to build?
The concept design cost is estimated at either $60M or $75M, depending on what option is selected.

Will the new jail offer programs for rehabilitation/treatment?

Mental health and drug treatment facilities are a separate issue from this project. Though treatment facilities may help inmates reform, there is still a demand/need for cells to house the people that have not reformed or committed other non-drug/alcohol related crimes. With that said, to better prepare inmates for successfully re-entering the community, the jail offers many inmate support services and the proposed facility includes dedicated recovery and counseling spaces to help with the need. Learn more about these programs and services.

What will happen with the old building?

The plan is to renovate for general government offices.

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