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The Jackson County Jail was originally constructed in 1986 and consists of six linear-designed cell blocks and two dormitories.


Linear jail design stretches cells along long hallways and around acute angles, creating blind spots and the need for closed circuit television or other means to maintain 24/7 visual surveillance.

Podular jail design, which is proposed for new facility, features a master control area in the center with cells and program areas surrounding the perimeter in a circular or pie-shaped layout. Staff doesn’t need to run down long corridors to see what’s going on because there are clear sight lines for observation of inmates and activities at all times. Cameras simply supplement direct supervision but aren’t the sole source of monitoring. Learn more about podular vs. linear design.

Other facility design issues include:

  • The current jail design has a limited number of cell units and does not provide for proper inmate classification - it actually reduces the usable design capacity. Dorm bed percentage is too high and there is a need for smaller units

  • The current inmate has many more problematic issues than in the past which creates a need for special needs beds and more cell beds vs. dorm beds

  • ADA compliance

  • Staff areas are insufficient with limited office space, no break area, meeting rooms, or programming space

  • Sallyport is too small. It only has one single vehicle stall and only allows one inmate transfer at a time. Can't fit transportation bus or other large emergency vehicles

  • Air handling system doesn't provide proper air exchanges

  • No negative pressure cells to isolate inmates to prevent the spread of an illness from cell to cell

  • Lack of/or deteriorating drains (that leak sewage) throughout facility 

  • Constant plumbing leaks 

  • Plumbing access doors are small and difficult to work in

  • There are no secure perimeters that provide easy access to electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems

  • Poor insulation on exterior walls makes for difficult heating in winter

  • Lack of facility support space including food, laundry, staff areas, etc.

  • Medical space is small and shared with mental health. There is no privacy and staff can only serve one inmate at a time which can be inefficient. 

  • Lack of activity space including education, visiting, court appearances, etc. - currently all happening in one room

  • Space and storage constraints throughout facility including inmate property storage/lockers, inmate clothing storage, cleaning supplies, etc. (see existing conditions page for examples)

  • No designated server room so equipment is spread throughout facility - often not in ideal conditions

  • Food services consists of serving kitchen only - food is contracted with local hospital. There is no prep area and limited storage. The physical space doesn't allow alternative options for delivering food to the inmates

  • Limited space and storage for laundry function and it's poorly ventilated. Currently using residential appliances

  • The Huber inmate area is not properly located or designed. Huber inmates utilize public spaces upon entry to jail and come and go at all hours. The shower and changing area is very small and the strip search area is not properly sized

  • Limited parking

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