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Excerpts from 2022 jail inspection report…

"As referenced in past inspections, the jail is old and antiquated, limiting the opportunity to provide programming and education, along with meeting safety and security expectations. The facility lacks proper space needed for booking in new inmates, providing proper classification, and housing individuals on suicide watch, as there are only two receiving cells for the whole facility. On the day of inspection, it was noted staff are mixing inmate classifications in both cells and dormitories due to lack of proper bed space. While conducting a walkthrough of the facility, it was noted that both receiving cells were occupied thus limiting staff’s ability to properly manage inmates with special needs and to book new inmates into the jail. View full inspection report under “The Need” page of this website."

Brad Hoover, Detention Facilities Specialist, Wisconsin Department of Corrections

"There are several reasons it is necessary to build a new justice center but the most critical is the linear design of our current jail. It is the biggest obstacle in trying to keep our staff and inmates safe. We have been housing inmates in other county jails at a greater cost burden to our taxpayers. We have been forced to isolate inmates together in some cases, for safety purposes. A new facility will give us far greater ability to keep our staff and incarcerated individuals safe and healthy. It will also keep our tax dollars working more efficiently, right here in Jackson County."

Sheriff Duane Waldera

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